4 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

Lose WeightMany girls for a long time struggling with extra pounds, but reach the figure of dreams can only a few. Why is this happening?

American nutritionist Christine Wise is confident that the ideal weight is an unattainable dream for many for a number of very commonplace reasons.

Lack of food culture

To have a dream figure, very little – just to force yourself to lose weight. After all, the achieved weight should be constantly maintained. Moreover, it should be maintained with comfort: that is, without constant restrictions in food. An unattainable dream? Not at all.

This is realistic if you accustom yourself to a food culture. Most often, people who understand that when and why they eat – do not suffer from the presence of extra pounds.

Protein Diet

Protein diets, which are so popular today, not only do not bring a lasting result, but are also dangerous to health.

Indeed, protein diets contribute to rapid weight loss. However, keeping it at the reached mark will be very difficult – in 2-3 months it will return back. Moreover, now many doctors oppose protein diets, as an overabundance of protein in the body can lead to the development of tumors.

Lack of culture of drinking alcohol

It is necessary to speak frankly: it is not enough who from adult modern people is able to live without alcohol. Of course, ideally it is necessary to completely abandon it. However, if you sensibly understand that you need alcohol, teach yourself to treat it correctly. Namely, combine with the right foods and drink in moderation.

Important: if you want to have an ideal figure, choose alcoholic drinks that do not contain sugar.


Remember to always be in shape, in your life there should not be any extremes: giving up carbohydrates, giving up meat, refusing to eat. Everything should be harmonious.

Often the girls to achieve the desired mark on the scales, from time to time practice starvation. In fact, it only harms the ideal figure. Yes, the weight will go away, but the body, knowing that stress is ahead of it, will create a reserve. As a result, the metabolism will be disturbed, and it will be possible to forget about the ideal figure.

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