Top Fast Weight Loss Diets

Top Fast Weight Loss Diets

Being overweight is a problem for many people. But there is a way out! One of the options may be the so-called “fast diet”, which allows you to lose 11 lb per week.

Advantages of these diets – it is much easier to motivate yourself for a short period of time. For some of us, this is really easier than immediately switching to a healthy diet 24 to 7.

The disadvantages of a fast diet include an unstable result and a possible negative impact on health.

1. Hollywood diet

Basically, this diet is popular among stars. You can lose an average of 15 lb in two weeks. The basics of this diet are as follows: you need to monitor the amount of sugar, salt, fat, and stop eating bread.

Breakfast for 14 days of the diet should be skipped. However, in less severe versions of this diet, you can have breakfast with half a grapefruit, drinking a cup of coffee or green tea. But be careful – the juice of this fruit on an empty stomach can lead to unpredictable reactions from the gastrointestinal tract.

There are no restrictions on fresh products in salads. The diet should include foods high in protein: eggs, fish, meat. You should also eat fruits and vegetables with low carbohydrates.

Drinking 1.5 liters of water a day will help cleanse the body. As a result, every day you will receive 600-800 calories. The disadvantage of the Hollywood diet is that it is not balanced with vitamins, so it requires an additional intake of vitamin and mineral complexes.

You can follow this diet no more than four times a year for two weeks.

2. The “Match” diet

The “Match” diet promises fast weight loss without restrictions on food. This type of diet is so named because after a few days of dieting a person’s weight begins to decline.

The diet is suitable for those who want to lose from 11 to 15 lb a week. It is a vegetarian diet, so meat and fish should be completely absent from the diet. For breakfast, you need to eat oatmeal every day. An important part of the menu is the bran that you need to eat daily. They provide the human body with fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

You can follow this diet no more than 7 days and used no more than once a month.

3. Vegetable diet

Vegetables are the main source of micro- and macronutrients that help the internal organs to function harmoniously. In the case of their deficiency, vitamin deficiency can occur, which causes hair loss, brittle nails, and deterioration of the skin. Vegetables should make up 40% of a person’s daily diet. And if you want to lose weight – 70%.

You need to eat 1.5 kg of fresh vegetables daily during the diet. 60% of vegetables you should eat raw. The rest can be steamed or baked in the oven. It’s important that these are seasonal vegetables. You can drink green unsweetened tea during the diet.

Doctors are convinced that a vegetable diet is exactly what a person needs for certain diseases of the cardiovascular system, after diseases, in case of obesity. However, it is not necessary to heal your body on your own, having health problems.

4. Striped diet

The striped diet combines the benefits of a kefir diet and a low-calorie diet. Due to the alternation of days, it is easy to follow the diet, and the weight is steadily reduced.

This diet gained popularity precisely because of the availability of the main component – kefir. One day you drink only kefir, the other – you eat everything you want, within reasonable limits. During this period, doctors advise not to drink any alcohol. You should drink at least 1.5 liters of water without gas.

The secret of a striped diet is that it deceives the body by not allowing it to starve in one day. As a result, one day you lose weight, and the next – do not gain extra pounds. Thus, there is a gradual weight loss, without bullying.

If you follow the diet correctly, you can lose up to 22 lb of excess weight in 2-4 weeks. In addition to weight loss, dietary techniques can improve the condition of hair, skin, and improve metabolism.

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