Healthy and Balanced Diet

Healthy and Balanced Diet

Proper, healthy nutrition does not mean a boring menu and refusal of delicious dishes. Just the opposite! It implies a balance that can be achieved if there are different products and as much as the body requires.

What should you eat more so that nutrition is more balanced:

    • whole grains (bread, cereals)
    • vegetables, including legumes
    • fruits and berries
    • dishes of fresh, chilled and frozen fish
    • nuts and seeds

What should you eat less:

    • sweet dairy products such as yogurt and cheese
    • pork and beef (especially products made from them with a high content of saturated fatty acids and salt)
    • sweet and savory snacks
    • sugar-rich soft drinks and juices

The body must receive from food both enough energy for life and all the necessary nutrients. An unbalanced, uniform diet leads to a deficiency of nutrients, which in many ways affects the body and can lead to serious diseases.

One of the consequences of an unbalanced diet is a problem with bodyweight: if the body does not receive the substances it needs, it forces us to eat more.

In order for a healthy and balanced diet:

1. Need to eat as needed

Our body receives the necessary nutrients and energy from food. The need for them depends on age, gender, lifestyle, health status, and many other factors.
The formula is simple: you need to eat as much as the body requires and expends.

2. Eat Balanced

In nutrition, it is important not only the energy received but also that it comes from different nutrients and the proportion of these substances is balanced. Each nutrient plays an important role in the body, and different product groups contain different basic substances, vitamins, and minerals.

3. Do not overeat

It is a common misconception that everything is tasty or harmful, or leads to obesity. In fact, everything is not so bad: you can eat everything, but in the right quantities and with the right frequency. The five main food groups are equally important. Special care must be taken with very salty, sweet, and fatty, as well as with alcohol.

4. Varied nutrition

A varied and balanced menu should include products from different groups, but you need to vary products within groups. For example, different vegetables and fruits contain different and different quantities of vitamins and minerals. If you eat varied, you can get the necessary nutrients, the body will be more healthy and will work better.

Very often routine and habits become the cause of a uniform diet. The diet needs to be reviewed from time to time so that it is not the same all the time.

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