7 Principles of Intuitive Nutrition

7 Principles of Intuitive Nutrition

If you learn to listen to your body, you can eat everything in a row.

What is intuitive nutrition

The idea is that the body understands better than us whether it is hungry or not. If you give him freedom, he will consume exactly as much food as necessary for a normal life and not a gram of fat or sugar more.

What do we have to do

There are some key principles of intuitive nutrition. And, which pleases, for the most part, they are pleasant.

1. Forget about diets

This is an important point in overcoming stress. You can afford absolutely everything, any food your body needs. You do not need to limit yourself: food is a friend and helper, not an enemy. Start with this.

2. Make peace with junk food

There is no harmful or healthy food. There is food which you need and you which does not. Unfortunately, people, going on a diet, often simply forbid themselves this or that food, without even thinking why. And where there is no conscious choice, desires come into play.

The conscious choice of food is one of the pillars of intuitive nutrition.

3. Respect your hunger

If you want to eat, it means that your body really needs proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Give him food. It is important. Otherwise, deciding to limit yourself, you will come into conflict with the instinct of self-preservation. A sensitive reaction to the first signals of physical hunger and satisfying it is an important step on the road to a trusting relationship with food and oneself.

4. Respect the feeling of fullness

Pay attention to how you feel when you are definitely full. Remember these feelings. You can mentally measure your saturation on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is a feeling of severe hunger, and 10 is the discomfort of overeating. Try to imagine at what level you feel most comfortable.

Most likely, it will be about 5-6 points. The next time you decide to eat, try to finish lunch or dinner at this level.

5. Respect your emotions

Boredom, disappointment, anxiety, anger, confusion each of these emotions has reasons. And food will not help eliminate them. It is only able to temporarily mask the experience. But in the end, you have to deal with not one problem, but two: the source of negative emotions and the consequences of overeating.

6. Respect your body

In appearance, there are things that depend on us this is a fact. But even with all the desire, you are unlikely to be able, for example, to reduce the foot by four sizes. The same goes for clothes. It is unnatural to strive to fit into XS, while the size of M is genetically predetermined for you.

Respect yourself, your genetics, your appearance, regardless of what number the scales show. When you understand that the body is your pride and heritage, you will sincerely want to improve it.

7. Find beauty in meals

One of the most harmonious nations in the world is the Japanese: only 4% of them are overweight. This is largely due to the fact that the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun have historically adhered to the rules of intuitive nutrition. In Japan, it is customary to take food philosophically, the local culture suggests that a person should enjoy eating.

Try to eat in Japanese: in a pleasant comfortable atmosphere, taking your time, enjoying the taste and appearance of each piece. Most likely, you will find: to get enough, you need less food than before. And this is a serious step towards weight loss. Moreover, the step was taken with pleasure.

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