What to Eat After a Workout (and What Not to Eat)

What to Eat After a Workout (and What Not to Eat)

We often eat poorly because we don’t know what we are doing. If you are going to train and try to take care of yourself, pay attention to this. You need to know that there are foods that you should not eat after a workout or vice versa should.

In this article, we will talk about what to avoid and what to add to your diet.

What not to eat after a workout?

1. Red meat

Exercise increases intellectual efficiency, but it does not happen if you immediately start eating red meat.

According to a study conducted by the University of Georgia, it takes only 20 minutes to assimilate and store information.

However, this is not possible if you eat red meat immediately. Consuming it can have negative effects on your brain, as it limits learning and memory.

This is also due to the amount of saturated fat contained in red meat, which usually slows down metabolism. This is not very desirable if you want to maintain healthy digestion.

2. Shop buy smoothies

Storefronts do not meet health standards. You should also keep in mind that they are full of sugar.

It may seem that smoothies are the perfect drink that complements intense workouts. However, note that not all smoothies are recommended.

For example, those that are high in sugar will double the number of calories you burn during exercise. Be careful with them!

If you want a smoothie, choose natural alternatives. The best of them are made from vegetables and fiber and do not contain added sugar.

3. Fried food

Fried foods and fast food are high in saturated fat. Consumption of this food is not recommended at any time, especially immediately after exercise.

Your post-workout reward should be no more calories than you burned.

Keep in mind that your body needs 9 grams of energy to digest 1 gram of fat.

Also, this type of food slows down the metabolism, which is so difficult to speed up with exercise.

4. Nuts

Although nuts are good in small amounts, it is best not to eat them after a workout.

It is worth eating foods rich in protein. Although nuts are high in protein, you need to understand that they are also high in fat.

Also, nuts slow down the metabolism, and therefore they are not recommended to eat after exercise.

5. Coffee

Coffee is a drink that dehydrates, so it is not recommended to drink after a workout.

Instead, choose water. Thanks to it you can satisfy your thirst and need for hydration.

What you can eat after a workout

1. Proteins

The most useful proteins for this are those derived from white meat, such as chicken, turkey, and fish.

We also recommend eating green vegetables as they are an excellent source of protein.

Another option – legumes, soybeans, and seeds.

2. Bananas

Although it is not recommended to eat foods that contain a lot of sugar after training, if you want something sweet, you can choose a banana.

Thanks to the potassium and carbohydrates in this fruit, it will come in handy when you just want something sweet without consequences.

3. Potatoes and starch

The best dish for you after a workout is one that contains starch. Try, for example, boiled potatoes or baked potatoes with rice.

So you will make sure that your digestive system easily absorbs these carbohydrates. Ultimately, they improve protein absorption.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you want to eat something after a workout!

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