Daily Habits Killing Your Back

Daily Habits Killing Your BackIt would seem that everything is simple, if you believe the phrase: “osteochondrosis is a payment for the uprightness.” But is it really so? Really, if we walked on all fours, would we have a healthy spine? And it would seem – that’s the solution to all problems!

We can explain this fact by the fact that we live in artificial conditions and move little, that’s why we have health problems. But it is worth considering the answer and on the other hand – animals do not eat as randomly as people. We are soaked in chemistry, preservatives, dyes and other nonsense.

People are so lazy that they buy semi-finished products, “meat” sausages and sausages, without thinking about the further consequences. But nutrition directly affects our health, including the spine. Let me explain to you in more detail, so that you will become more clear.

Any product passes through the digestive system. All components enter the bloodstream, absorbed from the intestine. Consequently, our intestines are the access system of all nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, water) to other organs.

The more natural and accessible the food, the better it will be absorbed and will benefit all organs. The same happens with the spine. It is also closely related to all systems of our body and also depends completely on them. This is a single global network, the components of which are interrelated and interdependent.

Therefore, a big mistake is made by those people who rely only on the “magic pill”. For example, they drink anesthetic for osteochondrosis, and do not take any other actions to help their spine. Even if this “pill” is effective, it is only for a while. When its action passes, everything will return to its former places. You must make the most of your own efforts and include your instinct of self-preservation. If you really want to be healthy and have a strong strong spine, then you must support this decision with all your strength:

  • You connect your muscles with exercise complexes, restore the muscle corset, which will reliably support your spine and relieve daily stresses from it. So you keep a beautiful posture and all the physiological curves of the spine. Muscles of the back and the press will be more hardy. They will take the whole load on themselves and unload the spine.
  • Change your motor stereotype (try to move more, take breaks at work, perform morning exercises for at least 3-5 minutes)
  • Periodically (at least once every 3-4 months) go to manual massage or at least for a good quality back massage to relax the muscles, restore the ligaments of the spine
  • Change the negative attitude to life on positive thinking (remember forever – all problems always begin with the head, with our thoughts). Start to think positively and to see in everything only the pluses, and you yourself will be surprised how all problems and resentment are resolved faster and easier.
  • Rebuild your diet – eliminate all harmful products from your diet (sausages, sausages, ketchups, mayonnaise, creepy cakes and rolls). Add to your diet vegetables, cereals, fish, greens, nuts, dried fruits, honey, fiber. That is, adjust to a more natural diet for our body.

As you can see, nutrition also plays an important role in our health. But how does it affect the spine? The fact is that all harmful products in the body accumulate toxins. They, in the main, accumulate in the liver and intestines. From these depots, they enter all organs, including the spine.

From the effects of these toxins, the spine is much more quickly “upset”. Intervertebral discs do not receive sufficient nutrition and are damaged from toxic substances. Here is another source of osteochondrosis.

In addition, some chemical elements, for example sulfur compounds, can be deposited in the vertebrae and form osteophytes or simply interfere with the normal functioning of the spine.

It would seem – how food can be associated with osteochondrosis, but as you can see, they have a direct connection. Therefore, I want to remind you that your life is completely up to you. Build it correctly, starting with small things, because it is from them that your health and well-being are built.

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