Simple tips for truck drivers to lose weight

Tips on diet for motoristsThe truck driver’s work is not easy, sometimes it takes a lot of time to drive on the road. But, when the truck driver sits at the wheel all day, and in the evening when he comes home feels not very good, there is irritability, the head starts to hurt, there may be severe fatigue. Very often motorists can not find the reasons why this happens, but in fact everything happens because of poor nutrition.

In order for a person who for a long time to drive does not disrupt the process of digestion, you need to eat about every 4-5 hours. If the break was more than ten hours, it can cause a state of irrepressible sleepiness. And this is very dangerous, since it can endanger the life of both the truck driver and other people.

Proper nutrition of motorists

Proper human nutrition behind the wheel should contain many vitamins and trace elements. It is necessary to make up your diet so that the food is nutritious and nutritious, but it is normally perceived by the gastrointestinal tract.

Drivers who have been on the road for a long time need to eat four times a day. It should be two breakfasts, lunch and dinner. It is very good to combine the second breakfast with a little rest in the open air, it will go to the truck driver for good. But if you adhere to four meals a day, you need to take care to reduce the caloric content of the main breakfast and lunch. In the ration of the truck driver for dinner should be meat products, and for dinner it is good to use dairy.

Before you go on the road, you need to have a good breakfast at home. But, if the truck driver did not have time to do this, then you can bring along yoghurt and whole grain buns or other bread products with which you can satisfy your hunger. Also very good is a lot of fruit, they are delicious and healthy.

A very useful meal for a snack is dried fruits, nuts and seeds. They will not only bring maximum benefit, but help the truck driver concentrate on the road, especially if he has a bad sleep.

An irreplaceable companion of the truck driver on the road is a bottle of drinking water. It is needed to maintain the high performance of the person who turns the steering wheel. The norm of drinking water per day is at least two liters. But, it can increase when the street is hot and the same temperature in the car. It is important to remember that a very large amount of fluid intake can overload the body. If tormenting an unbearable thirst, it is best to quench it with cold tea or water. Often the cause of thirst is lack of water in the body, as well as the drying of the mucous membranes of the mouth, this can lead to headache or loss of attention. To control the amount of liquid drunk and not to overload the body, it will be enough just to rinse the mouth.

Often an insufficient amount of fluid in the body is accompanied by disorders in the work of the cardiovascular system. This in turn affects attention, working capacity and it is difficult for a person at the wheel to concentrate on the road.

What leads to bad health of the truck driver?

The most common causes of fatigue are, poor nutrition, large intervals between meals, violation of the regime of rest and work. All this leads to a sharp decrease in sugar in the blood, which is the result of headaches, nervousness, fatigue. In addition, it can cause cardiovascular disease, and as a result – a stroke or heart attack. There are cases when such violations can happen at the wheel, which is also dangerous for other truck drivers and surrounding people.

Drivers are not recommended to eat around the nearest diners with facsimiles. Also, do not drink carbonated water, it should be replaced with plain water or tea. Because all this leads to a deterioration of attention on the road.

Also, the food of motorists should not be too high in calories. Such food is very heavy for the stomach and causes not only discomfort, but also leads to fatigue and drowsiness, which is unacceptable for truck drivers.
Many truck drivers are convinced that a large dose of coffee will help to cheer them up in the morning at the wheel, especially if they do not sleep very well and have a long road ahead. Indeed, caffeine, which is contained in coffee, energizes and invigorates a person. But when it comes to motorists, everything happens the other way around: constant concentration of attention to the road and excessive amounts of caffeine contribute to the fact that a person gets tired and can fall asleep. This is why truck drivers should not get carried away with this drink.

For truck drivers who are going on a long journey (this could be a job or a trip), one must prepare well. To not score anything, you need to make a list of products that will be needed on the road.

Before the long journey, it is very good to drink a glass of fresh carrot juice and add 1 tsp. honey, this will give the truck driver vivacity. And it has a positive effect on vision, which is important for the truck driver.

We must take care not to forget to take with us the necessary medications. This is necessary if diarrhea, constipation or other illnesses occur on the way. After all, a long road is unpredictable and everything can happen.

In every truck driver in the car, especially if he travels very far, there must be a refrigerator bag that allows longer to store the products.

On the road, it is not recommended to eat salty foods, for example, salted nuts, chips and other products of this kind. Such food causes constant thirst, and for the truck driver you need maximum attention.

If it is possible, it is necessary to stop and leave the car after a while to get some exercise.

In order to make the truck driver feel good and comfortable, it is recommended to add low-calorie and low-fat foods to the menu. It helps to keep yourself in shape and tone. Such products include:

  • low-fat poultry or beef;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • yoghurt, cottage cheese, milk, eggs;
  • bread, preferably black;
  • apples, bananas, pears and other fruits.

Fruits are considered very useful for truck drivers, since most of them contain substances – amino acids. The main of these substances is tyrosine. A lot of it is contained in bananas, avocados, pumpkins and greens. The use of such products significantly affects the rate of human reactions, especially in emergency situations. Also, the truck driver must be careful not to overeat. Because if he consumes a lot of food, it can also cause headaches, irritability, fatigue. It is necessary to control every meal and adhere to the correct diet.

Drivers need to be very attentive to themselves and their health, because their safety and the safety of the people that surround them depends on the proper nutrition. If the truck driver feels great, he does not care about anything, and he is focused on the road, then this makes it possible to reduce accidents on the road.

If truck drivers listen to these recommendations and carry them out, then the whole day, spent in the car behind the wheel, will not become a torture for them, but on the contrary, they will be satisfied with their journey or work.

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